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small medium business

our commitment to businesses is to provide the best value so smb's can meet their companies goals

  • we save companies over 60% in their operations​
  • we are faster than your employees
  • ​no commissions and no other fees
  • priority queues
  • unlimited access to platform and drivers
  • free mobile downloads and web application
  • 50% off yearly subscriptions

how we help businesses

your employees VS our drivers

the average business will spend $150 per day on employee wages & other expense, we are proud to say with our platform we can save 60% in that operation. 

comparison between essGO & others

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4 items delivery in 1 day

our data show clearly that essGO is consistent and has lower cost than other delivery platforms
lets put an hour on the calendar and see how we can bring value to your organization
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thanks to our friends at Imagine Safety, they have provide our safety guidelines and certifications


we are proud to go above & beyond than any delivery app, we provide free training to our drivers to become the best driver, we want our customers to feel more safe and know that essGO Drivers are not some just random delivery app driver

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