we are essential & ready to GO

we are creating the best peer-to-peer on-demand  delivery platform by making an open-marketplace changing the way customers and drivers work.  

Colleagues at Work

essGO delivery is disturbing the way we do business by connecting the customer and the driver in an open-bidding platform. we believe that a new generation of entrepreneurs is on the rise and essGO will be the backbone of the gig workers. 

as many businesses struggle with retention and demand from their customer, we have worked endlessly to create a new innovating way to do business with the new workforce. 

our team values and success is at the foundation of our platform: transparency, trust, and readiness. our goal is to become a household name, not because of our platform or our service, we want to become a household name because of uniqueness and trustworthiness. 

Delivery Van

what we are all about


have you ever bought something online or order through a delivery app? when you try to buy something of $10 comes out to checkout 3X more! fees fees and more fees, essGO is a free marketplace with no fees.


asking a peer for help shouldn't cost an arm & leg, should you have a say in how much to charger? after all you are doing the work and its your own gig/side-hustle


we don't hide any fees because we don't have fees. since we found a job for the driver we only ask for 20% of the transaction allowing driver to earn 80%. our foundation is to build on trust with our drivers and customers, we don't give you the corporate's bs or run arounds. its a simple formula.